Working toward a suicide-free society by creating acceptance and community support for anyone affected by the risk of suicide for themselves or their loved ones.

About Suicide -

Here to listen. Here to help.

When you’re trying to lead a normal life and yet depression invades your every waking moment, the struggle of trying to pull off that charade can be more difficult than one could ever imagine.

People who do not live with someone suffering from depression or battle depression themselves absolutely have no idea how dark the hole of depression is.

A truly difficult and dark depressive episode can certainly lead the sufferer to contemplating suicide. It gives people a sense of control, particularly when the person battling severe depression feels as if they have no control over their life anyway.

Suicide looks like an easy way out.

It can put an end to the feelings of desperation, the feelings of total worthlessness, the overwhelming sadness that invades every pore of your being and the utter hopelessness that fills each waking moment.

Depression and signs of suicide are health concerns that should be taken very seriously.

If a friend or loved one that you know is suffering from depression then please join this community of friends.

Hopefully this site will provide support through resources, education and a community of people who are walking in your same shoes.

"CBS This Morning": Stop the Stigma

In an effort to help break down stigmas surrounding mental health, “CBS This Morning” broadcast a special live audience event, “Stop the Stigma: A Conversation About Mental Health.” Guests include “Queer Eye” star Karamo, a former social worker, mental health advocate and relationship expert who will discuss his experience with depression, and Cynthia Germanotta, who founded Born This Way Foundation with daughter Lady Gaga, about how mental illnesses affect a family.