Denise Fredi, Ph.D., CHES, has a passion for assisting families experiencing mental health, trauma and suicide.

After 20 years worth of experience working with people who experienced war trauma, she found herself dealing with her own family crisis.

Diagnosed bipolar, her late husband tried multiple times to take his life, ultimately resulting in his death from a completed suicide. His illness and their journey together challenged her every skill as a Public Health practitioner and as a human being.

Recognizing though experience that resources are limited and difficult to find, especially when experiencing a family crisis, she launched this website to tell her story and provide a clearing house of resources in hopes that it may help even one person prevent the loss of a loved one.

She lives happily remarried and re-engaged in life and living to help others through the difficulties associated with caring for a person at risk for suicide.

Fran Palin, Ph.D., is a psychologist and consultant for SuicideFree.Org. She has extensive experience working with war trauma, traumatic events and those at risk for suicide. She has a private practice in Knoxville, TN where she specializes in multiple approaches to therapy and healing. She particularly skilled in EMDR and regression therapy.

Life is now. We all experience inner and outer obstacles that interfere with living life to its fullest. Dr. Palin’s philosophy is embodied by the belief that growth / progress stems from understanding who we are, what needs to change within ourselves and our relationships, learning new ways to heal, forgive, and communicate, and letting go of patterns that interfere.

Therapy is unique for each of us. She integrates and tailors various approaches to address the mind, body, and spirit. She will partner together to address your goals. Visit her site for more information at

As a Board Certified Coach, Jill Volpe, MBA, CLC, BCC, helps people discover what their hearts really need so they can create stronger relationships, cope with change and stressful situations,  or simply have more fun and freedom in their home and work life.       
Jill has been in the wellness industry for over seventeen years, coaching and supporting clients on everything from personal growth to business development.  She specializes in sharing tools and resources to navigate life’s transitions with ease. 
Jill’s heart-centered and holistic approach is particularly helpful to individuals and families who are ready to move forward but are in need of support to heal from difficult situations in their lives.  For more information about Jill, please visit her website at