Dousing the flames- How to really help grieving survivors

Jack took his life almost 6 years ago and yet some days it seems like yesterday. Desperate to relieve the pain, I floundered. And at times, I felt like I drifted far from what I knew I believed about myself and everything else. Early on, invariably one person after the next commented on how well […]

Are You Living In The Past?

by Jill Volpe, MBA, CLC, BCC www. Do you easily go with the flow or do you have a tendency to struggle with transitions or challenges that come your way? Maybe you’ve experienced the loss of a relationship that devastated you and you keep replaying the events of what went down during your last […]

A Completely Different Approach to Venting

by Jill Volpe, MBA, CLC www. Have you ever felt like screaming and punching a pillow to make you feel less angry? When I was in college, my best friend Shelley and I would go into the lounge area of our dorm and for just a few seconds, we’d scream our little hearts out!  […]

Cracked not Broken

            “I am not enough.” Rachel heaved as tears streamed from her face into the palms of her hands and down the backs of her arms, dripping from time to time from her elbows. “I’ll never be enough!”. As I sit empathetically across my desk from her, I want to jump from my seat and […]

When People Suffer…

Most of us struggle at times with sadness and despair. Life is hard sometimes. I get that. And while I would never condone suicide as a solution to anything, there’s a part of me that certainly understands the depth of despair that could cause a choice like this. After nearly 3 years of my late […]

A Life Embraced: 1. Everything is about people, connection, and love.

            (A follow up to   What else is there really? When we think about what really matters, a person who is genuinely happy finds joy in these aspects of life. When we don’t feel loved and connected, we don’t have the sense that we have meaning. So how do we get there? We’re […]

A Life Embraced: Words to live by -shared by a victim of suicide

Is the title ironic? Well of course it is, but life is never clean. These are the words left to me by my late husband in a letter I found after his death by suicide. Ironically, he learned these things in his life, but could not muster the personal resources to embrace them- to live […]

But if I had.

Those 4 little words. Those four words were the reason it was so hard for me to move into a place of healing after my husband took his life. Running through my mind constantly at first, were the words, ” But if I had” as in -“but if I’d come home sooner”, “but if I […]

“The pain won’t stop….”

I’ve heard these words time and time again from college students, friends…my own family member. When these words are spoken, a streak of panic goes through my body. Sometimes I wonder if I’m overly sensitive because of what I’ve been through ~but I guess its better to be too sensitive than to lose a life […]